Missingno. is a pokemon introuduced as a glitch in gen 1 but officialy it will be catchable on pokemon core zeypher and pokemon flaring Volts

Dex entrysEdit

Gen VIEdit

Flaring VoltsEdit

Missingno.:The coruption pokemon

Types: Ghost Dark

It is said that missingno. is the main cause of pokevirus

but it is not yet known.It has to power to corupt any

computer no mater what!

Core zeypherEdit

Missingno.:The coruption pokemon

Types: Ghost Dark

Missingno. Is said to reside in evil graveyards and feed off of

passed-away pokemon.It is also said that this pokemon

Caused the death of cubones mother


Gen VIEdit

Flaring Volts and Core zeypherEdit

Flairing Volts:1:Gravestone chamber

Core Zeypher:1:Gravestone chamber

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