One stormy day where the rain dont stop:The lake of rage A ace trainer called tahu was slowly waliking back from the lake when all of a sudden...BOOOM.There were crys of "Help please" and "Noo!..." when tahu decided to check what had happened when it wentv boom Again!."AGGGGGGGGHHHH" Cryed tahu.He grew big blue and scaley."Oh my" Exclaimed tahus mum shelly! "Huuny...Grab a pokemon with fly!"."Ok"Said tahus dad david!."Officer jenny what happend?" "There was a explosion" she explained There were waves that cuased gas canisters to explode!"."Oh my lord......Tahu?...TAHU????............TAHU?!?!?!?!?. cryed his mum! But just then a mysterys voice said "Mum..."... "Oh my! lord tahu?..."."Yeah"."Your blue!...Look". *looks in mirror* "OH MY...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".Mean while at team rocket hq..."Hahhaha!...The lake went boom sir!"Said desil! "Excellent! a man in a black suit said smirking!...

To be continued!


  • Tahu
  • Officer jenny
  • David
  • Shellly
  • Desil
  • Mysterious team rocket man!

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