One day in a lake of rage Somthing goes wrong...Very wrong


The raptoror


One day when team rocket is creating radio waves from the Johto radio tower the lake of rage suffers a massive explosion! 25 people died 7 where fishermen! but the waves stressed out a Nearby ace trainer called Tahu! this man is now a massive gyrados!:Capable of speaking!.He knows:Fly Scald outrage and Retaliate! and now he will not stop till it gets revenge for what has happened to him!.He must now kill Geovanni and stop him ONCE AND FOR ALL!...


Team rocketEdit

  • Petrel
  • Geovanni
  • Desil
  • Arianna
  • Silver


  • Tahu
  • Lyra
  • Wally
  • Krystal
  • Gold


  • Tahus mum :Shelly
  • Tahus dad: David
  • Buena


Seires 1:The big fight!


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